Papasavas Group is a family owned and operated business with a focus on property, education and hospitality.


Lonsdale Institute is a Registered Training Organisation based in Melbourne with two additional campuses in Sydney. Established in 2007, Lonsdale Institute is a leading provider of vocational education and training for Australian and international students.

Bespoke is Lonsdale Institute’s English language program. It provides students personalised and student-centred English lessons, where the focus is on the learner, helping them achieve their career and life goals.


High Season, launched in 2018, was established to create an education experience providing employment pathways in the fields of Hospitality and Event Management. Based at the Lonsdale Institute’s Melbourne campus, High Season works with industry leaders within the fields of hospitality, event management and education.


Half Acre is a multifaceted venue combining an all-day eatery, bar and unique event space for private and communal functions. Based in South Melbourne, Half Acre is a partnership with food&desire.


Located in Melbourne’s CBD adjacent to Flinders Street Station, Hella Good is the sister venue to Stalactites specializing in souvlaki, with the focus on takeaway.


Halifax Elevators, set to launch in late 2019, will bring a new and fresh approach to the elevator industry. Halifax aims to set the benchmark for elevator sales and installation, delivering personalised service and products that are of superior quality and innovation.


Stalactites is one of Melbourne's longest established & well known Greek restaurants. Owned and operated by the same Greek family since 1978, Stalactites has long become a Melbourne institution.


Pizza Pizza Pizza is a Melbourne city takeaway dishing out New York-style jumbo pizzas with a hidden bar out the back open late into the night.


The Papasavas Foundation is the groups philanthropic arm and aims to support projects that assist in the education of those in need. It has provided opportunities for asylum seekers in furthering their education and it is affiliated with RMIT University and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.



Papasavas Group, located in Melbourne, Australia, has an asset portfolio that includes CBD property, the development of the Maygar Industrial Estate, as well as the Munro Street development in South Melbourne that encompasses the ‘Half Acre’ project. 

The groups strong property focus has enabled it to expand into other growth areas such as education as well as complimenting its property portfolio through Halifax Elevators. Hospitality has also been a major platform in the groups business activities.


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